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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response
Action Marina has always been concerned with sanitation and cleanliness, however we have increased our daily cleaning routines to help keep our employees and customers safe:

  • Daily temperature checks for employees upon arrival.
  • Encourage social distancing
  • Routinely sanitize all surfaces, payment point of contact, door handles, bathrooms
  • Sanitize all equipment, life vests, and boats upon return to the Marina
  • Sanitized pens have been made available for contract signing
  • Hand sanitizer has been placed on the counters and throughout the store for use by employees and customers
  • Masks available for employee and customer use
  • Please do not enter or remain in our facility if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID 19- coughing, sneezing, temperatures over 100.4 F, runny nose or feeling unwell. 

Thankfully boating is considered a safe and healthy way to enjoy the outdoors during the pandemic

From Action Marina, thanks for working with us this summer of 2020!

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